Graphics card blocking SATA ports

I have this issue that I haven't really thought about before I bought my motherboard.
I've recently tested a EN8800GTS graphics card in my system and I had to remove all my SATA ports just to put the GPU into my case, I could only use the 4th SATA port and still it bent the port, I'd like to know if there's anyway I can dodge this problem.
I know that I can use right angled SATA cables but all my right angled cables are faced in one direction so I can't use the same right angled sata cables for the 2 SATA ports behind the first two that I use the right angled one for.

My case:

My mobo:

If it's possible to get a right angled sata cable that goes in the opposite direction of the SATA ports 1 and 4 then those cables should work fine.

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  1. alexoiu said:

    I stay in South Africa so I doubt any local store of yours will deliver
  2. You can try as above or get this and bypass the onboard SATA connector. The card is bootable and will allow you to connect up to 2 SATA 6gb drives to it. It uses a PCI-E 1x slot and runs about $22.

    I am using one in my system because all 6 of my onboard connects are in use and needed 2 more to setup the system to boot into Hackintosh OS X 10.8.2. It works very well and supports hot swap hot plug Multiplier and Trim support.

    It would allow you to use your GPU and bypass the onboard SATA connectors all to gether.
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    CntrlAltDel said:
    I stay in South Africa so I doubt any local store of yours will deliver

    I know the feeling being from SA myself... Try they are very good and keep many enthusiast parts, that are difficult to find elsewhere....
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