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Quick 590 upgrade or System overhaul?

I have been wanting to upgrade my PC since my 9800GX2 blew up a few months ago.
I have been getting by with a backup Radeon 4870, but its starting to fall behind and I wan't a good system for things like BF3 and Skyrim.
Long story short, can anyone see a problem with my current rig supporting a card like a GTX 590? (I know i will probably need to install a new PSU to support it)

Just curious of potential bottlenecks or if I am wasting my money? Would I be better off going for a unit like a ATI 6970 or GTX570? Or am I looking like needing a whole new MB and building from scratch?

I don't have to have everything at the best, I just want a DX11 capable system that will run games well for another 2-3 years

Thanks for any advise in advance. This site has proven invaluable to me.

Current main Specs:
*Antec ATX TruePower 650W TRio
*Intel CORE 2 Q6600/2.4Ghz/2x4MB/1066FSB/LGA775
*Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6 1600Mhz Dual DDR3-1800 Dual PCI Ex16 SATAII

*OCZ 4G(2x2G) DDR3 1066 PC8500 Gold Edition CL7-7-7-21(OCZ3G10664GK) 1

*OCZ Vertex3 Series 60gb SSD and 2 1TB drives for storage.
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  1. Best bet would be going with a 570 atm. Then spend the rest of the money and see if you can get a mb and cpu upgrade :)
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    You will absolutely bottleneck a card like that, especially if you're using the stock CPU clock speed.

    A more reasonable pairing for a substantially overclocked Q6600 (3.6Ghz) would be an HD 6950 or GTX 560 Ti.
  3. Thanks for the input guys, given me a few things to think about. Ill read a few more charts and make a decision on which card will probably suit best.

    Cant wait for skyrim!
    is that your board?

    What resolution do you play at?
    I'm pretty sure OC CPU will greatly increase your PC performance (3.0GHz or more).
    Otherwise, if you really want GTX590 then upgrade your PSU seems a must, that's a very power hungry card (2x8pin).

    Do not think about bottlenecking, maybe GTX590 is a little bit overkill for your system, but you're still can use it in your next gaming PC in the future. :)
  5. Indeed, thats my board on the link.

    1980 x 1080 is ideal for the screen I am running (I move the unit around, but it is mainly connected to a 42" LCD TV)

    Considering a 6950 as I can grab one for less than $200 for a massive boost. After an overclocking should be safe for another 2 years hopefully.
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  7. Well guys, I appreciate all the prompt ideas and suggestions, but in the end I decided for "bang for buck" and went for a 6950 and a new cooler unit to crank the 6600.
    After hitting 3GHz clocks last night and finishing the flash to 6970 I can safely say the upgrade is finished and everything is running fantastic. BF3 & Skyrim are at home on this setup...

    -Note I had incredible issues with Skyrim performance initially, once that had me doubting the usefullness of the 6950. Going to start a linked thread in the hopes that people with a similar build to me don't go through the same headaches (the game initially ran 10fps on the lowest settings! but now runs on Ultra settings minus the shadows)...
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