New self build computer worth of 850€

Hello everyone,
I would like to know what the best setup is for a single/duo Asus Radeon 6950 2gb
Ive looked on the internet and found several parts, but I'm not sure what to choose. please help me :)

This is what ive found so far:
Asus Videokaart Radeon 6950 DCII,2GB (videocard)
Intel Processor Core i5-2500K, s1155 (processor)
Asus Moederbord P8P67 EVO B3,s1155 (motherboard)
Cooler Master Voeding Silent Pro M 700WATT (power supply)
Cooler Master Koeling V8 (processor cooler)
Cooler Master Behuizing Centurion 5 II ( this is an midi tower, if its too small for the 2 pair 6950s please link an full tower between 50-100€) if possible from mycom website.
Corsair Geheugen Vengeance DDR3,1600-8GB KIT (ram)

Note that these items are written in dutch.

if there are any problems, please let me know so i can change the setup. im considering buying all the stuff around 20 january so would like to know whats good before its 20 jan ^^
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