Radeon HD 6850

so heres my problem i just bought a radeon hd 6850 and ive unstalled my old integrated graphics software and then installed the card and then installed the software for the card yet it still doesnt come up with the card in my dxdiag yet the fan and everything is going fine and i need a solution to it ?
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  1. im downloading the latest drivers now with ccc, but what i was given with the card the disk drivers i figured they would be fine for it but yeah im still donwloading the newest drivers
  2. alright thanks well once its donwloaded ill test it and let use know how it goes :)
    should i restart my pc after i install the drivers?
  3. okay thanks
  4. okay so ive installed it and restared my computer still nothing, nothing in dxdiag nor in hardware
    so what do i do?
  5. btw i have xp would that be an issue in anyway?
  6. i have windows 7 on its way from the uk it should be here next week would that help in any way
    and i cant run any games i disbaled my integrated by uninstalling the software and when i try to get into the game it goes black and then goes back to the home screen
  7. my dvi cables arent plugged into the graphics card because i have a t.v as my monitor
  8. but i didnt think it would matter either way and i do have vga slot in the back of my t.v but when i put the adapter on the graphics card and then to the t.v it doesnt show up on the screen at all
  9. i uninstalled the software for the integrated which disbaled the integrated graphics
    and i know it sounds stupid but my mate said i had to put the power into it after id already put the card in the pic-e slot and i hadnt plugged in the power to the gpu. i havnt got the 6 pin plug for it so what do i do?
  10. hmm okay well i picked up and adapter but when i plug it into the psu and the gpu my computer does not work at all it doesnt start or anything. i have a PS-550TM
    widetech 550 watt psu
  11. Quote:
    NEVER use the bundled drivers :ouch:

  12. it says Total Output:550W Intel ATX 12V V2.31
  13. Quote:
    not that...................... :heink:

    something like this

    either way, I highly doubt ur PSU can run the card, gonna have to get a new card

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