KVR1066X16-8/256 RDRAM indicates low memory when updating win xp pro etc

low memory message when updating win XP Pro or other downloads Two 256 mem chips on board with one pair of slots containing a pair of end chips(?). MB is GA-8IHXP two pairs of mem slots. Is it possible to install one or two pairs of 512MB chips, or should I just add one set of 512MB chips and move the set of 256MB chips to the last pair of sockets. email: "lozinski.m@shaw.ca"
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  1. You should use all the same sized modules and the same brand. So if I were you I would just get another pair of 256mb modules of the same brand, since you are only running xp. Your PC may be in OS install mode which would indicate only 256mb of Ram when you actually have 512mb installed.
  2. First of all you got to make sure that your computer peripherals support your 512 RDRAM, then set it in your computer.

    For more detail contact http://www.datatrack-labs.co.uk
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