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An asus K7V BIOS 1007 with an Athlon Slot A 700, new install of XP Pro and installed Asus Probe from original CD. Upon running Probe it showed an astronomical CPU temp and warnings. The CPU fan is running 7500 RPM. I became alarmed.
Checked the BIOS CPU temp which shows NA. Looking into reinstalling the BIOS to hopefully get a temp but just installed Probe 2.24 and it shows NA basically ignoring it, No alarms.
Everything is working fine but the CPU fan is annoyingly loud. Should I worry about no CPU temp?

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  1. You might give the PC a thorough cleaning paying real close attention to the CPU cooler. Another issue may be that the thermal paste on the CPU has dried and become less effective and would need to be replaced (I task I don't envy in your case). I would venture that after doing those two things (if you even need to do the second), you shouldn't have to worry about temps
    Hope it helps
  2. Many old boards did not control the cpu fan. This may very well be the issue.

    For temps, I recommend you try HWmonitor. And remember that cpus back then did not have built in thermal sensors so you are relying on one in the socket IF the board has it.
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