GTX 560 Ti VS GTX 570

GTX 560 Ti VS GTX 570
witch is better and why with my set up

intel i7 860 - lynnfield
8gigs ddr3 ram
intel H55M -P31
i currently have geforce gt 140
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  1. But i just read with the overclocking Capabilities of the 560 Ti it isnt really worth paying more for the little extra u get from the 570
  2. Yes... But the GTX570 can be overclocked as well. GTX570 for me!
  3. hey man leave every thing and just search it
  4. But i cant use that site for GPU's like my current one GT 140?
  5. what are you trying to talk about sorry friend i did'nt get you you want to benchmark your gt 140
  6. Depends on what you want to spend, the 570 is more expensive for little gain...

    Wait for the new 560 ti that comes out in a month, that should be on par or close to the 570 with a lower price
  7. Thx waxy.. Ya i just wanted to see the diff between my old GPU (GT 140) compare it to the one i want to get (560 ti)
  8. What was i suppose to name it " wana chat about pc's" i wana talk about GPU's and get advice 384-bit sorry if my naming skill's arent up to standard. This my first day ok ;p
  9. so to which one are you trying to compare your gt 140
  10. well im leaning towards the 560 ti.. the 570 Doesnt seem worth the money from what im hearing
  11. 384-bit why do so many ppl seem to love the i5 2500k? should i rather have gone for that instead of my i7 860? sorry i am a noob whats OC stand for again
  12. Yea i see in the comparison bt jeez how can they do that have an i5 that rapes all i7's wish i had known this..
  13. 384 bit if u could would u choose ur current one i5 2500k or the i7 2600k?
  14. oh ok i see now, so for gaming i5 is better.. wish i had known that to thanks 384 bit been a big help
  15. but as it stands all i need is a graphics card as what i have will do the job? ( question)
  16. I was saying all i need to change is the GPU tho? nothing else?
    hey my little GT 140 isnt that bad i can play Fifa 12 and quite a few other games crysis and ect nt at full bt still for free it does its job lol ;) well based on your set up i will listen to your advice 570 it is :) or should i just wait and see the new 560 TI?
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