Out of these three brands, which is the best?

I was wondering which brand would be the best quality and best worth the money.

500-600W PSU Antec, XFX, Seasonic, or Corsair.

I know that all of these brands are good. But which would be best for the 80 bucks I spend on one.
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  1. Oops, title messed up. 4 BRANDS!
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    I would rate it as this:
    Seasonic > XFX/Corsair > Antec
    but for Corsair and Antec, you have to be careful, since they don't produce their own PSUs, the Corsair enthusiast series is produced by Seasonic, so those are good, however the builders series is produced by some other company, which has worse reviews than the Enthusiast series PSUs. Same goes with Antec only I don't know who produces Antec's PSUs.
  3. I purchased this:

    Although it is a lower wattage than what you are looking for.
  4. Thanks, so Seasonic will be my brand of choice. I heard they were very good quality.
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  6. rocknrollz said:
    Thanks, so Seasonic will be my brand of choice. I heard they were very good quality.

    They are! And so is Corsair (the Enthusiast series at least) you might find Corsair cheaper, but both are good
  7. No way to answer ......advice about brands should be taken with a few pounds of salt :). Which of the following do you think is true ?

    Antec makes crappy PSU's
    Antec makes good PSU's
    Antec makes very good PSU's
    Antec makes great PSU's

    The answer .... all of the above. Manufacturer's are in business to make money ... the more they sell the more they make. Targeting a single market segment limits the number of customers you can sell to, limiting the amount of sales. So most vendors sell to multiple market segments:

    Great PSU's

    Very Good PSU's

    Good PSU's

    Crappy PSU's

    Most Corsair PSU's are in fact made by Channelwell...who makes:

    The entire CX series except for the 400
    The entire GS series
    HX750, 850 and 1000
    Entire TX Series except for 650

    Seasonic makes their :

    AX750 and 850
    HX650 and smaller
    VX450 and TX650

    Their flagship AX1200 is made by Flextronics
  8. ^+1 wayy more detail than mine
  9. I have it in a text file :)
  10. I see..
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