Fps drops while gaming?

im using a xfx hd 5830. while playing mafia 2 or batman akham asylum the fps goes up to 80 then drops to 20 and then the game starts to lag?
ive updated the driver to ccc 11.10
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  1. so on what resolution are you playing it
  2. 1400x1050
  3. and also what is your vram of card
  4. 1GB GDDR5
  5. do you run it first time on uoyr pc and other games work properly
  6. yes other games work smoothly like battlefield 2 etc
  7. then there must be something missing with your gpu and your gpu has'nt much power to run that games on that graphics
  8. so the problem is from my power supply?

    CIT 750WATTS
  9. yeah man it is you didnt told me about you gpu
  10. i did tell you about my GPU...anyway so i need to change my power supply
  11. no, and also my ati card turns it off automactically
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