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Hi a few days ago I got an ssd for a boot drive and put everything on my HDD. Before I did this I was getting really good BF3 performance/FPS. I've got a sapphire radeon 6970 and a core i7-2600k and I used EasyTune6 to overclock it to 4.4. Now, after installing my SSD, I noticed my game is much worst in performance. Textures load a lot slower, my frame rate is crappy, and theres a lot of sound studdering. When I look at catalyst control centre after I alt tab out of game I notice the activity% is only around 45%. Is this normal? How do I go about fixing this? If you need any other info just let me know. Please please please help me out with this!

Thanks, kevin

-btw, BF3 is still installed on my first HDD.
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  1. Hi ritchiek,

    In the CCC, there is a slider labeled "Power Control Settings" Make sure this slider is over to the right side. If this is not the case, the AMD drivers will throttle your card to save power.
  2. blade061188 said:
    Hi ritchiek,

    In the CCC, there is a slider labeled "Power Control Settings" Make sure this slider is over to the right side. If this is not the case, the AMD drivers will throttle your card to save power.

    This didn't fix the problem. =( The slider was in the middle but when I moved it all the way over to the right it could only go to 50%. I don't know if thats normal but I couldn't push it any more.
  3. Yea, +50% is the max.

    Are other games throttling the same way BF3 is throttling?
  4. Not as much as BF3. I think I found the problem. After I installed that SSD, most of my programs on my HDD didn't work anymore and I think EasyTune6 was one of them. I used EasyTune6 to overclock my cpu to 4.4ghz and when I re-installed everything including easytune6 my cpu speed went back to default(3.4ghz) and now I can't get it back up to 4.4 ghz. EasyTune6 says it's at 4.4 but I know it's not when I check my processor speed. It seems every time I want to add something to my computer or change it to make it better I have to completely format everything and lose all my data in order to make everything normal again just to include that new item. -_- considering selling my rig and switching to console. This thing gives me too man headaches and it's suppose to be almost top of the line.
  5. Why are you using software overclocking instead of doing it in the bios? OCing from the bios is more stable (typically) and you can get better results without worrying about where you have your tuning app installed.
  6. Because I'm completely noob with OCing. And the software was working perfectly. As of right now non eof my programs work, I can't do a system restore because the file is missing from my c: or a system recovery because it's also missing, my other hard drives are formatted, I want to burn this thing. Is there a way to format my main boot drive? I have a windows 7 cd but when I try to reinstall windows it claims it's not authentic.
  7. Did you install windows on the new ssd, or is it just installed on the old HD?

    If your windows install was new, then you would have to re-install your programs (even though they are already on your old HD). Windows needs the install process to have the correct pointers and registries updated.

    Which drive are you booting from at the moment?
  8. Yeah I installed Windows on my boot ssd. The drive I'm currently booting from is my SSD. At this point I want to simply wipe both hard drives(I've already wiped my HDD) and start from scratch however, when I try to reinstall windows off my SSD or do a system restore it simply says error you can't do this. When I unplug my SSD and put my HDD into the proper sata port and try to boot from CD-Rom it says it's missing files. I've tried almost every variable.
  9. Is the CD scratched? There could be missing files for the install.

    do you have a flash drive you could try to install from a flash drive. If you bought windows from the windows store online, they'll let you download a disc image.
  10. The CD isn't scratched. I didn't buy the disc from an windows store ether(it's a legal disc). bah
  11. Well, Windows should let you download a disc image from their website anyway. It's no good without a Key. If they don't, call customer support, and ask them where you can get a disc image. They might ask for your key, but there should be some way to get a new disc image from microsoft. When I bought windows from their digital store, they included the disc image and the option to download it again whenever i needed it.
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