Help with a build project.


In advance, thank you for your assistance :).

Need a little assistance on a computer we've decided to build, I'm about to be building a new computer (not for myself) but for my father in-law. It's a replacement for an old 2.8Ghz P4, that he still uses.

Our budget is around the $1000 - $1300 range (we're in Australia so parts tend to cost a little more sometimes). The aim is to create a considerably more powerful computer (which wouldn't be remotely hard) for the video encoding and photo manipulation he normally does.

Gaming wise it only needs to be of a medium spec for now, games of choice are mainly real time strategy. I would like it to be somewhat future proof. I'm aiming for an an AMD build, being a long time AMD fan I'm thinking along the lines of the following.

CPU: Phenom II x6 1055t (somewhat over clocked using the stock cooler)
RAM is up in the air (thinking between 4 to 8Gb but haven't decided on brand)
PSU: Cooler Master 800w psu
HDD: likely a Western Digital Caviar Green

Undecided on optical drives right now. My main starting points are typically a decent mobo and psu.

If you have any recommendations or alternative options, feel free to post.

Thank you
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  1. Make sure the motherboard is an AM3+ for future cpu upgradability
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