Asrock extreme 4 970 wont post

just baught all new stuff to build my first brand new pc. ive built many pc in the past but never with brand new parts.

every thing should be connected right .

what happens if i hit power button on board or even power button on case is the motherboard turns on all fans all lights ect

the dr debug thing flashes a bunch of numbers but no matter what i do. once it gets to 0xcf the motherboard dies all fans still work but the leds on the motherboard power/reset/clear cmos turn off

here is the setup

ram 1x 4gb balistix 1600 (tryied different spots)

gpu gigabyte 1gb radeon hd6670
cpu amd fx 6300 6 core
psu 500 watt

my psu has 20 pin power plus another 4 pin to make 24 if need be

has 4 pin or 8 pin cpu power

also has 2 6 pin gpu plugs which i dont need.

everyb thing is brand new from microcenter besides the case and psu which came from my old working tower when i got this stuff.
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  1. Hi,
    It might be a BIOS version issue .
    The 6300 requires P2.10. Check on the board for a sticker with the BIOS version.
  2. cant seem to find bios chip to tell which version u only
    i did read that orginal bios does not support my cpu which is dumb because they wre a bundle

    i have no other am3 cpu only a am2 is there any way to flash bios without cpu

    also read asrock has sent people with this problem new bios chips for free not sure how to do this ether
  3. If in US, you can try contacting Asrock
    If not, the BIOS chip is on socket and you can try replacing it:
    On ASUS boards the first three numbers of the board's serial stand for the fabrication date. It might be the same for ASRock.
    If the necessary BIOS version was issued before the board's fabrication date, then most probably the board has the right BIOS.
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