Will this PSU do the job?

After alot of reading (like 2 months) It has come down to this:

MOBO: Asrock z77 extreme4-M (122€)

CPU: i5 3570k (around 200€)

RAM: Corsair Vengeance Gold 1600MHZ CAS 9 2x4Gb (50€)

GPU: Saphire HD 6870 1GB (150€) [not really sure yet might go for the 7850 or gtx660, rly depends on the prices]

PSU: OCZ ZS 550w Series (55€)

Case: Fractal Design Core 1000 (30€) [not good case for overclocking, but once i want to do it i'll just stick a corsair h70 in the front in a push pull config, should be fine]

Optical Drive: Don't need

HDD/SSD: Don't need

I'll be gaming at 1366x768 max resolution.

tell me what you think...i'll be ordering the part as soon as the CPU becomes available.

Now will this psu be enough once i want to OC the CPU and eventually the GPU? I'll only be using one HDD.

Also I intend to upgrade the GPU as soon as dx12 comes out which should be in 2 years i'm guessing, so i'm looking for something that would do the job until then...i figured a 7770 would do the job but at that price point the 6870 is offering killer value
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  1. I would recommend a different brand of PSU, either Seasonic or Corsair. OCZ's can be okay (not great) and their performance can be spotty. Since you are building a pretty capable system, you should include a better quality PSU. Also, to give you some headroom for growth, look at a 650w (or so) rating.

    I would recommend this PSU:

  2. that is well over what i would spend in a PSU and here in Portugal they're dificult to find. I can however get a corsair tx650 v2 for 85€ but tbh that is also a bit too expensive, not that i dont have the budget its just it seems a waste of money as there should be no noticeable gains in going for anything else rather then that ocz one. I don't expect to crossfire or sli so for my calculations even if i get really high OCs i should never come close to 400w... it would only be justifiable because of the color scheme i'm going for but even then it isn't worth the 30€+.

    Do you think the corsair tx650 would be much better?
  3. The tx650 is better, do you have the zt 550?
  4. Pedrovsky said:
    I can however get a corsair tx650 v2 for 85€ ................. Do you think the corsair tx650 would be much better?

    The OCZ model you list is a quality unit. Not as good as the Corsair TX650 v2, but good quality still.

    I agree with you that the 550 watt model will be fine for your needs. The reason for using the corsair would be much higher build quality, not more power. But I guess it doesn't hurt to have more power either.

    By they way, the Corsair TX650 V2 is OEM'd by Seasonic.
  5. I don't have the zt series yet... But it's the obvious buy.
    I'm not really concerned about getting the highest quality components, I wouldn't be going with asrock if I was...I'm more of getting the highest quality/performance money can buy you.
    That said and since you agree that 550w would do the job, I'd like to know another thing.
    I'll be playing everygame at 1366v768 I figured at that resolution it won't be very taxing on GPU I just wonder if a hd 7770 would be up to the task of maxing out everygame while maintaining average FPS above 40? Lets take bf3 for a eg.
  6. Corsair CX600w v2 for 60€...what about that one?
  7. Way better than the one you have now and the one you originally considered.
  8. cx600 isn't much better than the OCZ, they are about the same. Both should work.
  9. the cx600 it is then...
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