No video via PCIE

Strange issue here. I have a test bench system that I use for testing certain components before adding them to a build. The cpu I had been using for a year or so was a 2500k. Decided to move this cpu to another box and replaced it with an i3 2100 as a stop gap. After changing the cpu the only video I can use is the IGP. It's like the PCIE slots don't even exist. I have testing multiple GPUs, 5 or so ranging from an AMD 5450, GTX 460 all the way up to a 7970.

The fan spins on the card but that's it. The card doesn't display in device manager and if you try to install a driver it fails due to not finding the hardware.

Attempted every possible setting in the BIOS short of disabling the IGP since that option doesn't exist. Closest I can get to disabling it is setting the IGP to auto and setting the primary display to PCIEx16 or 8, which I tried both slots.

Anyone else seen this with this motherboard or cpu?

i3 2100 currently
16 gig Gskill Ripjaw 1600
Corsair 1000HX
OCZ Agility 3 240
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  1. It might be a CPU or a bent pins issue. Try reinstalling the CPU and checking the socket for bent pins.
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