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I have a few questions related to upgrading my current build to a better one.

My current build:
Intel Extreme DP45SG motherboard
XFX GeForce 9800GT
Seagate 500Gb
Intel core 2 Quad Q8300 2.5Ghz
4Gb Transcend RAM

I have a few issues - mainly the GPU not being enough for playing current games with high settings and since ive used the stock (fan) cooling for the CPU - its too noisy even at idle.

I am thinking about dumping the current one entirely and buying a brand new one but then the only thing that is really going to affect me is the GPU the processor and the ram for my use (casual home use/gaming).So I thought just buying a good GPU and a processor along with a new set of 8GB ram would be enough since the motherboard that im currently using is really good and haven't had ANY problem with it so far.
But will the motherboard support the latest GPUs and CPUs?- is there any compatibility list or something?...
Which would you guys recommend? dumping it and getting a totally new build or upgrading the current one?

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  1. Please list a budget and what games you run.
  2. what is your budget?
  3. Dump your less than $100 street value system and get a new one, and I'm being very kind in that statement.
  4. o1die said:
    Please list a budget and what games you run.

    Anonymous said:
    what is your budget?

    About 1000-1200$ - already have a monitor..
    Games umm most games that are out now and will be out soon ;P... i'd like to play them at a GOOD settings not avg and also not the BEST because of the budget - also i'd like to keep the cup silent.. wouldn't like a noisy one.. at high stress - noise would be fine but has to be silent for casual computing.
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