Quad core @2.1 ghz (with turbo boost 2.4) or dual 3.0 for gaming?

Quad core @2.1 ghz (with turbo boost 2.4) or dual core 3.0 for gaming? what is the difference?
Some people say
Quad because its 4coresx 2.1= 8.4 ghz
Dual is only 2x 3.0 ghz = 6.0 ghz
Is that how this works? Please help!
Thnks in advance!
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  1. The maths doesn't work i'm afraid.

    It depends entirely on what games you play. These days though, I'd be tempted to go quad.

    What are the actual processors?
  2. hmm really? well
    One is Amd a6 3600 apu 4 cores 2.1 (turbo 2.4)
    Another one is AMD Phenom II N660 Dual Core 3GHz
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    The A6 is much newer and performs much better than the older phenom processor. Go with the A6!
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  5. So if i use a6 quad core with radeon 6870? and 8 gigs of ram. would i be able to play high end games likek bf3, mass effect 3,skyrim etc on high to ultra settings?
  6. It would be a better choice going with an fx-4100 or i3-2100. Usually people buy apu's because they have integrated gpu's on them, but since you are using the 6870 there is no point of getting the A6.
  7. Yeah i know, but I already have the a6 desktop! so i just wanted to see i will get good performance out of 6870 with the a6?
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