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I bought and hooked up an LCD HD TV to my computer which has a single VGA output. My question is, can i use a VGA splitter cable and watch TV while using the other monitor to use my computer?
In other words, if i change the input on my TV from PC to TV will my second monitor still show my Desktop?
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  1. I wouldn't see why not. It's just cloning the display and all you're doing is telling your TV to accept video signal from another source.
  2. Yes you can. Your pc will pick it up as a 2nd monitor.
    Talking about this issue I got a Dell optiplex for cheap which I'm fixing up for my 5 yr old son. I stuck a old 1050x gpu from AtI in there but with the onboard and the add on gpu it detects it as 2 Gpus in device manager lol. I think when its connected via vga it picks it up us a 2nd monitor even nothing is connected on the other side to it.
  3. All you would be doing with a splitter is cloning 1 screen to another...

    What you really need is a GPU with dual outputs. Say VGA/DVI/HDMI. Something along those lines.

    I believe Matrox has something called the DualHead2Go or something along those lines - that might work for you, if you are unwilling to upgrade your GPU.
  4. @Chainzsaw,

    I think he knows that it would just clone the desktop over. I think he wants to be able to watch TV and work on the computer on a monitor, but when NOT watching TV, be able to use his TV as the single monitor.
  5. Exactly. I'd like to watch TV as in watching a hockey game and be able to still use the other monitor for using the computer at the same time. But when i want a single monitor, use the larger screen TV as the computer monitor.
  6. I would recommend using a powered VGA Splitter. There are all kinds of known issues with Y Splitter cables. If you decide to go with a powered VGA Splitter you can check KVMSwitchTech. They offer a wide range of options. I have purchased a few splitters from them in the past and they work well.
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