ASUS GTX580 Direct CU2 and Tt toughpower 750w issues

Hey Everyone :)

My name is Daniel, nice to meet you all.
As you will see in my following hardware specs, I haven't upgraded my pc in quite some time lol.
Since BF3 came out and the soon to be released Skyrim comes out, I decided to quit being a cheapskate and finally upgrade.

Anyway I started with buying an Asus GTX580 Direct CU2 (Yes the one that takes up 3 slots lol).

I've run into a bit of trouble though because the PSU I'm running is a little bit older.

Here is my PC Specs:

PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 750w ( about 2-3 years old, not the newer one)
Mobo: Asus P5Q Deluxe
CPU: Intel Core 2 E8500
RAM: 4 gb OCZ platinum or something or other lol
GPU: Asus GTX580 Direct CU2

The problem I have is that this particular gtx580 requires 2x8 pin connectors
The PSU I currently run has the following:
1x 8pin 12v for mobo
2x 6 pin PCI-E
4x 4pin for peripherals and what have you

Out of the box the card comes with a Dual 6pin to one 8 pin adaptor
This obviously leaves me with no way to connect the secondary 8 pin

I've skimmed a few forums and found there is adaptors and sorts of things you can run from the 4 pins but I don't know if this is a good idea or will be detrimental to the gtx (especially when you fork out that kinda cash)

Do I have no choice but to buy a new PSU or is there a way to run this card on this olde PSU without hurting it?

And yes I do realise how bottlenecked the GPU will be on my current Rig but over the next few weeks that will change.

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  1. TT psus are not the greatest in terms of reliability...

    you can certainly buy adapters at your local frys or microcenter but personally I would not recommend it, if your going to run that gpu get a reliable 6-650w pau... also Id start looking into a new platform (mobo/cpu/ram) although your cpu is a strong dual, you will seriously be held back in games that utilize strong quads and furthermore there will inevitably be a bit of a bottleneck on the gtx 580 imo....

    bottom line is if you want to run a gtx 580 then get the proper setup to do so or you wont be using it at potential, that my 2 cents hope this helps
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    I agree with you 100%, I was just hoping to stave off another big purchase until at least next paycheck and still use the GTX :P

    What would be your PSU recommendation for this card?
    I'm not planning on SLI ( Direct CU makes it a silly card for SLI anyway lol)

    I know corsair are fairly reliable with PSU's

    Is a 850w overkill? Maybe save the cash and get a 750w gold certified or something?

    I've been out of the hardware game for a while so any help is much appreciated :)
  3. here is what Id get, imo anything over 650W is pretty much overkill

    of course its nice to have a little headroom but your setup will run fine with a quality 600w unit or less...

    personally Id get this:

    the corsair tx models are decent and relatively affordable as well, I also recommend seasonic, and antec for the most part....

    its like buying an insurance policy on your components, with a shitty psu they will degrade
  4. get the psu, then start saving for a new build, you can always carry over a bunch of your components (gpu,psu) from your old build into a new one, thats what id do looking towards the future...
  5. If you are going to overclock everything I would spend a little more and get a 750w. You can probably get away with less, but I wouldn't personally.
  6. ^agreed +1

    This guys on sale today...

    more headroom, 4 6+2 pin connectors... that way you can oc to high hell! :lol:

    not sure but check the Black November deals to see if there is a promo for psus today, might even be cheaper not to mention the MIR
  7. Thats all well and good for you guys but I'm in Australia :P

    Hardware is reasonably priced but always like 15%-20% more expensive than you guys :(

    But yeh those products look good I will definitely consider them.

    Don't see me getting it anytime soon though my car literally broke down 30 mins ago going to work >_<

    Joy of the unreliable RX-8 lols

    Back to low settings bf3 for me for now:P
  8. what are you working with atm?
  9. Ok I'm back lol.

    Installed the GTX280 and a Corsair AX850W PSU (On sale reasonably priced)

    I was just wondering whats a good PSU monitoring software?
  10. huh? I thought you had a gtx 580
  11. Sorry typo, yep got a gtx580

    Issues though :(

    Its crashing after about 5-10 mins BF3

    Runs fantastic but I find the menus are choppy and any sort of in-game clip or even the loading splash screens and insanely choppy. Sound seems to stutter when it goes in and out of menu. Eg. When you deploy from MP or when you die and you can back to class screen

    Ish weird o.O

    Uninstalled drives reinstalled latest, repaired bf3. No avail
    Perhaps full re-install of bf3?
  12. excuse my stupid english btw, at work and half asleep lol
  13. How does it work in other games?
  14. Umm I don't have much installed from the past year.

    Ran oblivion and aoe3 pretty much perfect, but then again so could my old 9600gt lol.

    The thing that makes me lean towards an issue with bf3 is the fact that the cutscenes or the intro menu are pretty much unbearable, it constantly stutters.

    But when I jump into a mp game it runs perfect. even tried cranking it all to ultra, msaa 4x etc, yes the fps dropped a lil but still running pretty great.

    But at the start of the match in the menu it stutters, when dying and returning to the loadout screen it stutters, and then eventually bf3 will freeze and i have to alt tab and close. This can happen anywhere from 2-10 mins in a game. I even tried running all low, no aa. Same issue. GFX card is performing great but something is screwing up o.O
  15. Oh and the card is super cool all the time. Played bf3 (albeit intermittently between crashes) at high to ultra and the card didn't go higher than 48 degrees celsius
  16. 48 degrees seems way too cool, what % is the GPU at while in game?
  17. I'll check when I get home :)

    Is there a gpu stress test that i can run to make sure its running correctly?
  18. Well I'm just asking because I believe your CPU is bottlenecking your GPU in BF3 multiplayer, which might be why you are lagging in game. It might also be a RAM problem. Are you running 32-bit OS or 64-bit?
  19. ASUS GTX580 with a core 2?
    Thought it was the 560 misread it lol
    Your cpu it cant fill the buffer caches quickly enough for the gpu
  20. Yeah I'm pretty sure its bottlenecked like crazy but that kinda doesn't explain the issue.

    Actual gameplay is perfect, transition from menu to gameplay is where this stutter occurs, and also in cutscenes.

    Cutscenes are pretty much un-watchable and the opening scenes with just the logos do the same thing (not that I care about cutscenes but its the only clue i have to whats going on).

    I realise the ridiculous-ness of running a GTX580 but its just temporary until I can fork out for mobo+cpu+ram lol

    I am running 32bit right now which was only meant to be for like a couple of days but then I kinda got lazy....

    It would probably explain a few things but then again before I installed the GTX580 I had absolutely no issues. I was running a 9600gt prior to the GTX580 (yes big leap :P)

    Maybe start with 64 bit install and take it from there. I'd like to do a clean install once I get all the components anyway so this is only temp
  21. Ok since you are running a 32-bit OS only 3.5gb of RAM are useable, which may be why you are stuttering at times. 4gb is recommended, and imo is bare-minimum for BF3. If you run Game Booster that might help though.
  22. Yep most definitely could be.

    That being said, why would the issue only occur after installing the GTX580, 9600gt exhibited none of the symptoms in bf3 that the GTX does.

    No cutscene choppyness, stuttering in menus or crashes. Both performed fine during gameplay.

    I think I must be the only person to run a gtx580 with a c2d E8500 so its hard to find people with similar issues
  23. drop all the settings in the game that has bearing on the gpu and graphics quality. Set it to low. Test your fps.
    Then put them back up. Does your fps stay the same more or less or does it increase decrease by a big margin?
  24. Ok this time i managed to get an error window when it crashed. I will try and get the full message, but it was along the lines of "Direct X error, GPU ran out of memory make sure you use a card that has at least 512 mb"

    Looks like its 64 bit time then?
  25. Ran game on all low settings. Seems to last longer before crashing but still happens eventually. Got to about 30 mins before it crashed
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