Display 16:10 to 4:3 (Hating Panoramic displays)

Hello everybody.
Is it possible to find on internet any kind of driver or program to reduce the 16:10 aspect of my tft display to a 4:3?
I want to play old games that don't support 1440x900 without deformation.
I think it would be as easy as simply using the central portion of pixels of the tft, 1024x768, and leaving the rest of pixels black.
Does any driver/application do that???
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  1. Try displayfusion. Its meant for multi-monitor management, but it may have what you are looking for. I've used it successfully for an office multi-monitor setup, but not for something like what you want, but it might have that ability. Anyway, the base version is free so there is no harm in trying.

  2. There's no need for a 3rd party program. Every graphics card, even integrated come with a control panel to adjust scaling.

    Some games themselves can also be changed to run in widescreen res if the option is not there by default. Each game is different but you can google "game name widescreen" and should come up with how to change it to widescreen res. (Replacing "game name" with the actual game's name of course.)
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