Please help me optimize Cost/Performance

I'm getting a system put together, please tell me where it can improve cost/performance or If it looks like a good all round setup:

Intel Core i7 2600K Quad + HT (4C8T) 3.4GHz Computer System
*Asus Maximus V GENE Z77 U3S6 ATX Motherboard
*Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 Kit (4GBx2)
*OCZ 120GB S.ATA3 6.0Gb/s SSD HD
*Seagate 1TB S.ATA 6.0Gb/s 7200RPM HDD
*Asus 24B3ST S.ATA DVD Writer
*HD AC/97 Audio Sound Card Onboard
*Gigabit Lan Card Onboard
*Corsair AX 1200 80+ Gold Certified Power Supply Unit

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  1. You got it all wrong man lol.

    1. 2600k only if you plan on doing tons of stuff at once on your PC. Streaming HD video (i mean uploading), video editing etc etc. If you are just a gamer, a 2500k is a much smarter buy.

    2. The maximus is crazy expensive, sure its a nice board but what does it do other boards dont? Spend 120.00 bucks on a asrock z68 and be done with it.

    3. 7970 is not a smart purchase now that the 680 from nvidia is out.

    4. Lian li is not what they used to be, and you are probably over spending for an aluminum case. Look into a corsair 600t or a cooler master HAF 932.

    5. Your power supply is MASSIVE overkill lol. This power supply is the best value on the market, and it will power 2 680's with watts (and more important, amps) to spare:
  2. It really depends on what you´re using your system for?
    Buy in any way, i would recommend u to wait for Ivy Bridge, since it's only 3 weeks away.. I'm also building a new PC and i'm now using pentium 3 untill Ivy Bridge releases.. (i sold my laptop)
  3. ^^oh the joys of beginners...
  4. Thanks for the reply the reason I went for ATI is because I need the mini display port as I'll be running the Apple Cinema Display with it. - I also want it upgradeable thus why I went with the power supply so that in the future I can maybe buy a second card and X Fire it - I might be waiting for the 7990 at the end of the month... - I want it to be quite future proof but also upgradeable

    Also on that note I will prob be waiting for the Ivy B to be released too..
  5. You need to understand a 1200w power supply is meant for quad crossfire systems, you are just throwing your money away with that. Power supplies work most efficiently when they are using at least 80% of what they are rated for, so there is another reason not to buy a 1200w power supply.

    This kind of explains what im talking about.
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