Which grapics cards will works on my pc

which grapics card will work on my pc
my pc config
amd dual core 5400+ 2.83Ghz
ASUS motherboard M2N MX SE
3 gb ram
monitor resoluation is 1920*1080
my smps power supply is
Nav tech
AC INput 230 v AC 10A 50-60Hz
DC OUput
+3.3v +5v +12v -5v -12v +5v
15A 16A 15A 0.5A 0.5A 2A
my budget is indian rupess 5000(in dollors is 120$)
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  1. It's hard to decide a card at that price range and it's going to be a limited one too. What sorts of games are you willing to play?
    That PSU is a weak one. It won't be ablt to handle even the mid range cards of AMD/ATi or NVIDIA.

    If you can expand your budget for a better PSU, then you can upgrade to a better GPU. :)
  2. Your PSU can probably handle a HD6670, but not likely anything stronger.
  3. i want to play like a games fifa2011 ,assisanan creed, nfs shift,crysis,gta 4.call of duty 4
  4. @OP, you might see a bottleneck from the CPU when you play @ 1080P with HD 5750/6670.

    You might consider upgrading your CPU before purchasing a mid-range card in the HD 5K series or HD 6k series.

    For the PSU, it should handle both HD 6670 or HD 5750 whether it was 350W/400W. Just tell us that you have a quality branded PSU.

    Also, you should check if your MOBO has PCIE gen 1 or gen 2, because PCIE 2.1 cards sometimes have compatibility issues with PCIE gen1 slots.
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