Is my 460 crashing?

While playing battlefield 3, I've been noticing that my screen will flash either all red or all green sometimes, it can get pretty frequent at some points. I didn't know if it was my card artifacting badly or what. I emailed evga and they said they've heard of this happening to some people with the game and that i should try other new games to see if i get the same thing. Only problem is that i don't have any other new games that are stressful, except bad company 2 which had its own graphic glitches here and there for me as well. Anyone know of a good test or benchmark or something i can run that will stress my graphics card and help show if its a BF3 thing or a card thing?
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  1. Hi

    I've experienced the same green and red flashing with both AMD and nVidia cards when I've overclocked the cards VRAM too much.

    I'd suggest downloading Unigine Heaven 2.5 (free downloadable benchmarking program) and leave it running for an hour, I've not found a more stressful benchmark, if you experience the same issue in unigine then you can be confident the card is at fault.

    Let us know how you get on.
  2. ran unigene heaven and didn't notice any color flashes like i do with battlefield 3. I did notice that the benchmark didn't get my card as hot as BF3 does though.
  3. sounds like your card is overheating depending on your card normally 70C - 80c will cause such anomalies such as color flickering , artifacting of pixels, back ground images flickering. try turning down FX setting you might not be able to play with thoughs settings. most likely it sounds like you oc'ed the card and that why its doing that. I had a 9800gt and it flickered colors then crashed when i oc'ed it and was benchmarking it on resident evil 5
  4. if you are running the game on an nvidia card than maybe switching the graphic in the nvidia control panel to (use my preference emphasized ) it helped me run the game smoother on ultra settings. other than that i heard of people having problems with ati i dont know if they fix the bugs and updated the catalyst drivers for ati cards yet. oh ya make sure You update your drivers to whql 285 if you own an nvidia card.
  5. Any of you know how to take the plastic shroud off a reference card so i can clean the dust off well
  6. what is the card
  7. Gtx 460 evga with the normal cooler, not ee, center mounted fan
  8. If you have overclocked the card take it back a few notches.
    Turn the fan speed up while playing the game and see if that makes a difference.
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