Install Hyper 212 on I7 2700k without Removing mobo?

Hey guys I am seeking help on installing this cooler. Im new to building computers so Im not to sure on installing it.
I have an Intel core i7 2700k and a Gigabyte z68Xp-UD4 And have just recently purchased the Coolermaster hyper 212 but the catch is I would prefer not to remove my motherboard since I would not be really good at remembering which cords go where as my computer was built at a shop.

I have an Antec Darkfleet DF-85 Case which has a CPU Cutout which is rather large so I could install it without removing my motherboard, Any help on installing this would be great.
And a guide on applying thermal paste.

Thanks ! :D
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    You can do it within the case, but after trying and succeeding, it is quicker and safer to do it out of the case. Lining up the retention bolts with the back plate and then trying to screw down the heatsink, alternating between each screw is pain in the backside.
  2. So you think it would be easier for me to remove the motherboard ?
  3. Yep, last thing you want is a screwdriver slipping and scraping your motherboard.

    Not worth the risk for the sake of saving an hour in taking it out and putting it backin and connecting cables.
  4. Hi :)

    A tip for you if removing Mobo......take a digital pic if afterwards you are unsure of look at the pic,,,,,

    All the best Brett :)
  5. Another thing you could do to remember where cables go is to take two pieces of tape for each cable and create matching numbers on paper - tape one to the cable and one to where it connects. We do this all the time at our NOC...
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