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I'm putting together my first build and I'm having a blast so far. I don't know if I'm simply overlooking this, but I cannot seem to find the connector for 1394/firewire on my asus sabertooth 990fx r2.0. It's installed in a Coolermaster HAF X, which has the front panel firewire hook up. I cannot find where to plug this cable onto my board. Anyone who could explain it or load a pic, or tell me that there isn't a port on my board? Thanks guys!
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    The board's internal ports:
    1 x USB 3.0 connector(s) support(s) additional 2 USB 3.0 port(s) (19-pin, moss green)
    2 x USB 2.0 connector(s) support(s) additional 4 USB 2.0 port(s)
    1 x TPM connector(s)
    1 x COM port(s) connector(s)
    8 x SATA 6Gb/s connector(s)
    1 x CPU Fan connector(s) (1 x 4 -pin)
    1 x CPU OPT Fan connector(s) (1 x 4 -pin)
    4 x Chassis Fan connector(s) (4 x 4 -pin)
    1 x S/PDIF out header(s)
    1 x 24-pin EATX Power connector(s)
    1 x 8-pin ATX 12V Power connector(s)
    1 x Front panel connector(s)
    1 x System panel(s) (Q-Connector)
    1 x DirectKey Button(s)
    1 x DRCT header(s)
    1 x MemOK! button(s)
    1 x Clear CMOS jumper(s)

    No firewire port, so don't connect the case's cable.
  2. alexoiu,

    Thanks a lot. Thats what I was thinking but I wanted to connect everything I possibly could. I appreciate the the help.
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