Computer freezes when installing drivers.Complicated problem need help

Sapphire HD4870x2
P5E deluxe MB
850W xigmatek psu

So i will start from the beginning. My computer was shipped to college via ups. I did not have the correct cables to connect the computer to my new screen and that is why it has taken me so long to get the computer running. Anyways after ordering all of the cables and starting up the computer it did not respond or want to boot normally.
It boots up and works fine in safe mode but does not even boot in regular mode. In any event i found out that the problem was my graphics card drivers so I tried to install them with no luck (Failed to recognize device driver) or something like that. The motherboard through device manager recognizes my HD4870X2. So i decided to reinstall windows xp thinking that this would solve the problem. Reinstalled windows and erased everything from the computer. Now I am faced with two new problems.

First: My graphics drivers do not want to install. The install begins normally then suddently the screen goes black with a cursor and eventually i get the blue screen of death and it reboots.

Two: My wireless adapter only sometimes picks up an internet signal and even when it does is unable to connect. Already installed its drivers.

Please help me figure out what is going on. Used driver sweeper and tried to install the Microsoft Visual ++ 2008 but it would not install because it could not reach something....

Please help i really need this computer to work!!!!
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  1. I'd recommend reseating the graphics card, even without the drivers installed it should still be detected in device manager. Its possible that during it transit the card has disconnected slightly from the PCI-E lane.

    Also what's the BSOD code?
  2. Already disconnected twice and changed the cards pci e slot. BSOD code flashes quickly couldnt see it.
  3. Go to Start > Control Panel > System (may have to switch to classic view) > Advanced Tab > Uncheck the box next to "Automatically restart" > Click "Ok"

    Now the next time you get the BSOD you'll have all the time you like to right down the BSOD Code.

    I'd also suggest trying the graphics card in another PC if possible.
  4. omgitzfatal give you good advice.

    try to boot with single card first and install driver then go for sli or crossfire.

    let see if that will work~
  5. I have two cards in one. (HD 4870X2)I dont have any other option to test my card in. Could this be a faulty card? It cost me 569$....
  6. bnbader said:
    I have two cards in one. (HD 4870X2)I dont have any other option to test my card in. Could this be a faulty card? It cost me 400$....

    Might be a faulty card (the BSOD code may give us some clue's), could also be a problem with the motherboard or power supply although unlikely.

    Highly unlikely to be software related if you formatted your drive and re-installed the O/S.

    Any warranty left on the card?
  7. Its been about 3 years. I would really hate to have to buy a new video card.
  8. Did you remove your previous drivers first from your system?
    First do a clean boot with windows.
    Go into msconfig.
    Then services. Tick hide all ms services then disable all. Do the same with startup.
    Reboot your pc then uninstall the old drivers. Use a driver sweeper to completely remove it then enter SFC /purgecache at the start search box. When its done. Reboot and install the new drivers.
  9. The error is ati2dvag. I tried the other things you guys said and it still did not work
  10. Im also getting Install package failure
  11. Bump. Please this is very important and I have tons of money invested.
  12. Still have the ati2dvag and the install package failure what do I do with this issue?
  13. Your system was inactive for a long period of time. Its possible that clearing CMOS, reloading BIOS defaults and saving might get you started.
  14. Already did that. Reset CMOS and bios.
  15. Alright so I managed to install the driver with no error on windows vista. Anyway after the install went to boot the computer and it went to a black screen instead of the normal welcome screen. Seems like I can get no luck....
  16. Please help. No idea why there is a black screen. Bad resolution? Faulty graphics card?
  17. Surely someone you know has a PC, Just use your PSU and GPU in another PC... It would be ideal if you could test with someone else's PSU aswell.

    If you get the same issue in another PC then your card is at fault.
  18. Unfortunately im at college and everyone has a laptop...
  19. Did it go black screen after you updated the driver? What driver version were you using?
  20. I would say its likely the graphics card is faulty but can't say for sure as your unable to test in another machine.
  21. Would the graphics card be faulty if my dvi cable is connected to it and the computer detects that it is there and I was able to install the driver without an issue?
  22. Download and install Sandra. Leave the card on the windows generic driver so long and run the advice report. See what it detects.
  23. bnbader said:
    Would the graphics card be faulty if my dvi cable is connected to it and the computer detects that it is there and I was able to install the driver without an issue?

    No but thats not the entire story, you said earlier that you got a black screen straight afterwards...
  24. Yeah right after the windows loading screen. But in safe mode it detects all of the hardware in the device manager.
  25. fixed up a pc for my 5yr old son which did that same thing. Got a black screen a couple of times when I installed the gpu. But it fixed itself somehow.
    Have you tried upgrading the drivers for your mobo?
  26. I updated the bios...
  27. Yeah that's the bios what about the chipset drivers? I will manually search for that problem file in windows and then rename it. Then I will try and update the gpu drivers. But try a driver version that you know that work. Try 10.3 pre. Do not install the caps
  28. Bios, drivers, chipset, cmos everything has been done. Still doesnt work. I think that its just a bad video card.
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