8gb 1866mhz vs 16gb ddr3 1600mhz

I already have some of this RAM

And was wondering whether i should go for one more stick (total 16gb) or go for some better RAM but only 8gb, for example

I have an AMD A8-5600k cpu and apparently faster RAM timings improve graphics performance, however im getting an hd6670 as well (AMD Dual Graphics) so do i get faster RAM vs More RAM?
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  1. What are you using the computer for?

    For gaming it is unlikely you are ever coming even remotely close to 8GB. In that case you would see no performance increase from 16GB and would be better off with the 8GB of 1866 Mhz RAM. That being said the performance increase from 1600 Mhz to 1866 Mhz in most games is insubstantial and I would consider the money better spent toward the GPU.

    If you are using the computer for video editing or another application that demands a ton of memory I would go for the 16GB to remove that bottleneck.
  2. I use it for gaming such as fps and occasionally minecraft.
    Would it be better to spend £40 on RAM and £50 on GPU (HD6670) for my dual graphics or spend £90 on just a GPU?
  3. If yes for a £90 GPU what can you recommend?
  4. I would put all £90 toward the GPU. The RAM you have currently is fine. Look at the HD7770 and see if you can catch a good deal. I'm not sure on the exact change rate to Eur but it should be right around that price range.

    Edit: If not, the 7750 will still be miles ahead of the 6670.
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