How much worth is my gaming Rig

Im looking to sell my old gaming rig but i cant put a price on it. so i need you guys to help me.
These are the specs

Motherboard: Gigabyte P35-DS4 Rev 2.0 CrossfireX

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz idle 20-25 celsuis
(No link could be provided)

Proccesor Heatsink: Tuniq 120mm

Ram memory: Corsair Dominator 8500C5D DDR2 1066 mhz
(No link could be provided)

Graphics Card:HD 5850 Ocz OC model 765/1125
(No link could be provided)

Power supply: Hiper 530W
(No link could be provided)

HDD 1: Samsung HD 505LJ 500 GB
HDD 2: Samsung HD 753LJ 700 GB

CD-ROM: Samsung crap

And i was gonna include my Samsung Sync Master Full HD 1080P (1920x1080) S23A350H
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  1. I would say around $500 with monitor
  2. How were you planning on selling it , E-Bay , Craigs List , or private sale. You do have to know that is is an older computer with older components. What you can try to do is list it for a higher price and then see the response and lower the price as you go. Thats what I do on E-bay and you end up selling it for close to what you want. I think if you start out at $400 and see what happens , but it mainly depends on you and what you feel it should be worth.
  3. What! only the monitor is 1 week old and it costed 220$
  4. Rule of Thumb - Take your build cost and then subtract 15% when it's 1 day old .... then 5% for each month of age for 6 months (55% value at this point) ... then 10% for every 6 months thereafter.
  5. $500 is too much. $400 is too much. $200, maybe, without the monitor. That monitor may have cost $220 new but now it's used.
  6. well thanks guys maybe a bit dissapointed but thats life thanks anyways!
  7. keep the monitor and sell the graphics card alone. then sell the rest together for 250$. the 5850 will go for 100 quickly.
  8. Delroy- I sold an intel q6600 cpu only used a month ago for $100
  9. Well here in sweden elektroniks are about 40% more expensive its crazy with the prices on newegg a 2500K here goes for maybe 300$
  10. um... i would buy that box for abour 400 if i had the cash. it could play almost any game better than my laptop, 300$ for pentium p6100 2ghz, 3gb ddr3, integratde GPU, i wish i had gone with a desktop but i like to have a computer on the go so oh well. i got 200$ now teodo if you want that for it xD ( jk ) and nice monitor, you may as well keep that. but if you advertise it as a gaming pc yo need to keep the GPU included, maybe state its value in any advertisements you put on it, but deffinitly dont seel it seperatly. but that computer could still hold its own pretty well in gaming, especially if you upgraded GPU.
  11. Souds to me like you may have some idea what you want to try and sell it for , the trouble is you are selling a used computer and some sites are selling new computers wit warrenties and tech support so you do have to take that into account. You can get an idea of what you can get for it by putting it up for sale at what you want to get and see wehat happens. Take the cost of the computer plus the monitor and subtract 20% and see if it sells.
  12. Ok that sounds good i will put it up today on swedish blocket! And see how it goes thanks everyone
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