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I was wondering if anyone new using the home switch(ethernet over electrric cables) the broadband speed appears very slow compared to wireless. Also the speed test will not indicate the speeds.The software that came withe the plugs indicates quite high speeds 124Mbs

I have tried reseting the plugs but no joy!!!!
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  1. What do you mean the speed test will not indicate the speeds? When you do an internet speed test like on dslreports.com, it does not run?

    Last time I read about home plug networking, it was very bad, but that was a couple of years ago.
  2. Ethernet over power lines is a very bad idea, and mostly a last ditch effort. Yes, under ideal lab conditions with no outside interference you can get 100+Mbs, but in your actual home or work? No way.

    Return them and stay with the wireless, or run CAT-5 if you can at all.
  3. Hi

    Sorry that was a mistake the speed test does work eventually but the speed are extremely low.I will try and get a cat 5 cable installed

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