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Video card not recognised

I am trying to help a friend who has a PC equipped with a MS-3709 (K9N6SGM-V) motherboard but that requires a more powerful video card than the onboard GEFORCE6100. I have tried 2 different PCI Express cards but neither has been recognised by the BIOS. I have cleared the BIOS a couple of times.

The current BIOS is 1.B0, I see from the Live Update utility that there is a 1.C0 version available, does anyone know if an upgrade might sort out the problem.

If not does anyone have any suggestions to make ? The 2 cards I have tried are a GeForce 7300 and a GeForce 7600GS, both of which are recognised and work in another PC.

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    Either the gpu does not seat properly or the pcie slot is broken.
  2. The card is seated correctly, well at least the fan is turning. A standard PCI socket next detects a video card so I assume you are correct and that socket is fauly. Here's hoping the PCI-E X1 socket is OK as I've ordered a card for that.
  3. PCI-E X1 card solved the problem
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