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I was wondering if there is a way, or product, that would let you control fan speed from a program on the computer (SpeedFan, for example). I've run out of ports on my motherboard for fans (which I already can control), so the only thing I can use is molex now. I know they make the dials/touch screens you can mount in the drive bays, and that's not what I'm looking for. I'm wondering if there's like a USB interface, that would allow me to control the fans from SpeedFan, without the need for dials/screens. Any ideas?
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  1. AquaComputer has a fan controller that you mount in the 5.25" drive bay, but can be controlled via software.

    It's pricy though...

    If you don't want it showing on the outside of the case you can always just put it inside the case somewhere.
  2. Yea, trying not to break the bank too bad. I guess the only reason I want to control from a program is so that I can see the fan speeds. But that's probably out of the picture with an external controller. I know they make controllers you can mount in the front bays that just have knobs on them for controlling the speed, so do you know if they make any that can be rear mounted in a PCI slot?
  3. There are many that can be mounted up front that show the fan speeds.

    Ones that are mounted in the back usually only have switches for 3 speeds, low med high

    I personally like this controller.
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