System restarting every sec

When I switch on my cpu, it restarts every second. Any specific detail I shud mention. Plz help.
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  1. We need a complete list (make/model) of all of your components. Also, what, if anything, has recently changed? Also, are you overclocking anything?

    Please clarify.
  2. Is the cpu fan spinning? Did the heatsink come loose?
  3. The cpu fan z spinng. Nuthin z loose in it. After pressng power on, led's on the board glows, cpu fan and pther thngs start, in a sec it turns off. Even before the fan looses it momentum, every thng starts and stops agn, and the process contin...
  4. Gigabyte GA P67A UD3R B3 mthrbrd
    I7 2600K. Runng at 3.7GHz
    Corsair XMS3 4GB X 2. 1600 Mhz. 9 9 9 24
    MSI R6870 GPU. 1 GB...
    Corsair F40 SSD x 2
    Seagate 500 GB HDD
    Seagate 1 TB HDD
    Gugabyte Luxo X142 cabinet.
    A couple of days ago 1 of SSD crashed while I was playin hard reset. I reinstalled OS n all just to check any software mishaps, but it crashed again
  5. Now m using hdd for everythng. This time I was playin mass effect 2, not at the time system started actng wierd. I really wanna strt my game agn.
  6. two thing will do that one a pc a dead short. the power supply and mb can tell there a dead short and will shut off to save your system from frying. the power supply has failed. it giving you an output but not handling the load and shutting off. or somthing in the ps like a cap has failed. if the ps under warranty i would rma it first. or see if a friend has a spare.
  7. I was already tryn to gt an smps frm sumwhr, cudnt fnd 1. Do u hav any idea, wat to look for to chk a faulty smps. I ve already opnd up my smps. I forgot to mentn n my earlier posts, its coolermaster 500W.
  8. I tried it on anthr system. System booted normally. When I try to check it by shorting the green n black wire of the 20 pin jack, used a fan in 4 pin power connctr as a load. The psu fan did not move. M confusd now whtr my smps z faulty or mobo. Plz hlp
  9. Try swapping another PSU into your main system. Also, if you are overclcking anything, stop doing so until you resolve the problem.
  10. how can i stop the overclocking, system strts for a sec only...i'll try to arrange anothr PSU
  11. Reset your BIOS by removing all power sources (power cable, monitor, and powered speakers, then pushing the power button to discharge any residual power, and then remove the motherboard battery. Wait 1 minute and reverse these directions.

    When you restart the system, the BIOS will be in its default config (no OC for memory or the CPU).
  12. Hi,

    in my opinion the PSU (500W) is actually quite small for the specs you've given. I'd try a bigger one, at least 650W or even more. Borrow one if possible before you buy and confirm if it solves the problem.
    Why? Even *if* the PSU was coping with the load for some time, it was probably on the edge. Components might have suffered from excessive loads over a lng tie and therefore slowly burned out. Especially if something changed in your environment, like having higher ambient temperatures than before that might have triggered the final failure. Also consider testing with onboard graphics/another graphics card. You might have a problem there.
    I had a similar problem in the field, with a similar hardware setup. Here the motherboard had developed a short for an (unfortunately) unknown reason, but the system was showing similar symptoms. I say similar because it came on, ran for one or two seconds and then shut itself off. That happened some short time after a high performance graphics card had been plugged in...

    Just coming to my mind, I had another one, ASUS MoBo, that actually did exactly the same yours does. After several days of trying different BIOS settings and diagnostic procedures and starting to work a couple of times it finally never stopped looping/power cycling. In the end even in this case (it was a P68 chipset with an i7 2700K CPU) the MoBo turned out to be faulty. We replaced with a Gigabyte MoBo (no advert, just to let you know the changes...)with not exactly the same chipset (it was Z68 instead), but worked immediately without any further changes.
  13. I tried clearing up d cmos. Connctd only d atx 20+4 and cpu 2*4. System was on for a considerable long time. Will check by connctng othr thngd agn. I dont have any othr resource, coz I live in a remote village. Is thr a way by which I can clarify the trouble wth my systm.
  14. This does sound like an underpowered PSU. That being said, you need to replace it. Also, you should do no overclocking until you replace your current PSU. Overclocking draws more power from the PSU and puts more stress on your entire system (consumes more power and generates more heat).
  15. Here z a list of a few psus, tht cum within my budget and hopefully suffice my requirement.
    Corsair(hx650, tx650v2, tx650m, gs700, gs800)
    Coolermaster(gx650, gx750, silnt pro m700)
    Shud I go for a moduler desgn or high wattage. Plz suggst. Any othr brnd psu tht I shud luk for.
  16. Get the Corsair TX650v2. It will meet your needs (exceed them actually). If you plan to run SLI or Crossfire in the future, a larger PSU would be okay. Depends on your needs.
  17. My system started, bt still lm gonna upgrde psu. Thanx alot guys, u all've been really helpful
  18. You are most welcome. Good luck!
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