Del or Supermicro server?


Which sever is better for parallel computations?
Supermicro or Dell PowerEdge?

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  1. The brand of the server has little to do with answering your question. What matters is what is in the guts of the systems you want to compare (CPUs, memory, storage, etc).

    What are you trying to do with the server in question? What is your budget? Do you want to build yourself or do you want to buy a complete system (with tech support or not)?

    Please clarify.
  2. Better is subjective... What parts are inside matters more. I use Dell as I love the three year onsight warrenty.. They show up with the part install the part and make sure it works. So worth it.

  3. I need high power computations for engineering problems but regular graphic. No data storage!
    I run some test cases and found out that 32GB memory RAM is needed at least with more than 16-core CPU.
    My Budget is limited to 4-5k.
  4. So, do want to build your own or buy one already built?
  5. Want to buy
  6. Then spec out the most Dell you can afford. They make great servers in a variety of configurations/styles and offer excellent support. You could also look at HP and Lenovo as well.

    For servers, it is hard to go with anyone else but Dell for many users.
  7. I checked Dell PowerEdge R715 with 2xAMD Operton (2x16 core), 64 GB Ram and the price is about 5k but SuperMicro server with same configuration is 1k cheaper!
    I know Dell is well known is supporting customer but don't know about SuperMicro support.
  8. I would assume the Dell included up to 3 years of support and the SuperMicro only one. Is that accurate? Also, are the specs between the 2 identical?
  9. Specs are identical except Dell has lower HDD. Dell price is $800-1000 more depends to the choice of RAM.
    Dell has 3 years support but I don't know about Supermicro support (duration and quality).
  10. Personally, I would go with the Dell. They build good stuff and provide great support. Peace of mind is worth the price difference.
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