MSI geforce GTX 560Ti 2GB

Hey guys.
Ive been searching the web for some time but havent found any solution yet, so trying my luck here.
I just bought a graphic card, and now im unsure if my motherboard and processor can even run with it (ima complete nub with computers, ima sailor that likes to game :D)

PC: =
If link isnt working; HP Pavilion Elite HPE HPE-010sc
As you can see its beginning to get outdated.. alot. I discovered that by starting BF3. We talk 5-10 fps on lowest settings, + occasional graphical lags.
So i bought a

I havent installed it or anything yet, cause im in doubt wether its gonna work with my pc or not?
And in the case it doesnt, what would i have to upgrade?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hey

    The motherboard is fine with its PCI-E x16 lane and the processor is up to scratch aswell

    my only concern (and its a big one) is the power supply

    All it says on HP's website is 460W, Well a really good quality 460W unit like a Corsair, Antec or Be-Quiet! unit would just about be ok.

    I expect the powersupply in your PC is some generic crap, I'd recommend investing in a quality 500W or greater powersupply

    Oh and also I'm not sure how much room you have in that case, the GTX560 isn't the longest card out there but its by no means small either.
  2. Well, thanks for a super fast reply.
    Im having a dude looking at it tomorrow (in this case not another clueless sailor, but a proper geek :D)
    So now i know what i should prepare him for.
    Most likely new powersupply with 500W+.
    About the space in the case, lots of it, vacuum cleaned it Yesterday and allmost got lost inside the case :D
    In case there aint enough space, i'm a sailor. I can both cut and welt, weld, how ever you spell it...
    Sorry for all the bad grammar and typo's, but im not from this world! Or..

    Anyway, thanks a bunch for answering :)
  3. No problem man :)

    Enjoy your new card, its going to be one hell of an upgrade from a GT220
  4. As stated above the only thing that could be considered a problem is the PSU.But i'm sure you will upgrade it accordingly when the time comes.

    The motherboard your using is a micro which leads me to believe the case is of micro size as well.The GTX560ti "should" fit but it will be really really tight.I suggest getting a new case even if it does because HP case's have poor airflow.
  5. Thanks a bunch. Ill have that in mind tomorrow, so i can get something that fits.
    Now i just need to find out how i flag this as "solved" :D

    So was looking at
    NZXT Phantom Special Edition Red/white
    Corsair CX V2 500W PSU (maybe the 600W).
    As far as i could see the NZXT is way bigger than my HP Case.
    And the 500W should be enough no? Or should i go 600W right away?
  6. What is your budget for both the case and PSU?

    That NZXT case looks good.

    Corsair makes good PSU's but some of their lower wattage stuff isn't as good as it could be which can warrant a different maker.

    You could actually run that off of a quality 400 watt PSU but since you only buy a PSU once you should always think towards the future.Here's what I suggest.

    Antec 650watt

    With that PSU you have enough headroom to SLI in the future if you choose to.
  7. Its Gonna be the NZXT phantom, and Antec 650W Green.
    Awesome replies :)
    Thanks a bunch for the help.
    And i saw no trolls on my way!
    - Cheers
  8. Anything else you needed help with?
  9. The XFX Core Edition would be my recommendation
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