Will power supply work on motherboard

I got this computer second hand. eMachines W3619 Desktop PC. Thought the problem was power supply. But put it in other computer it it powered up just fine. ECS - 945GCT - M3 VER: 3.1 S/N K76357F70704461 motherboard has ATX 24-pin connector, the power supply only has ATX 20-pin plug. It's a Delta Electronics Inc. Model # DPS - 300 AB - 15 B ; S/N BCOD 0709168363. Will this work on motherboard ? ECS didn't answer and Delta said didn't know. Thank You; Steven
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  1. I've used 20 pin connectors on 24 pin ports, so yes it will. My hp came that way from the factory.
  2. Thank You
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