CPU running hot, causing freezing.

Hi all,

First off, great forum! I've been searching for a solution to my problem for a few days and this forum always pops up, although I've not yet found a cure.

I've got a Dell Inspiron 580, i5 750, 8gb ddr3 RAM, HD 6750, 600w Corsair PSU. I'd like to give a more detailed spec of the machine but I don't really know how to... I know it's not a NASA spec machine, but it's enough for my needs. I use it for Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Company of Heroes. It's runs fine, although a little hot, but a few days ago it started freezing when playing Company of Heroes. It's been fine for months and I've not installed or changed anything... I've run all sorts of spyware programs - Spybot, Ad Aware, Malware Anti-Malware - as well as a full scan with AVG. Nothing came up. I've tested the memory, albeit not too extensively, and run prime95 and Furmark3D. Nothing I do replicates the freezes/crashes! I've tried a fresh install of the game to no avail, I've given the pc a fairly thorough clean, treated it to some new thermal paste, left the side off with a fan blowing and still it crashes and has done little to lower the CPU core temps which are ~40c at idol and up to 98c under load, albeit a fairly light load. The GPU doesn't even reach 50c so I'm fairly certain it's not that.

Any of you knowledgable chaps got any ideas?

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  1. Is the fan on the cpu spinning?

    The only reason it would hit 98c is if the fan isn't spinning or the heatsink isn't attached correctly.
  2. The fan spins just fine at both idle and under load. I'm beginning to think it's either the heatsink (although I don't understand how a heatsink can suddenly fail) or the cpu is on its last legs. I'll be changing both fairly soon and shall report back.
  3. heatsinks don't fail. They can however be installed improperly or loose. Also too much or too little thermal paste can cause issues.
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