Is it worth building around this Proc?

Hey guys and gals. Got a question. Recently I got a "free" intel Core i5-750 Processor (2.66GHz, 8MB L2 cache) It was in use since 2010 as a workstation computer at the business I work for. My question is, is it worth building a low end gaming computer around this proc? Or a waist of money. The reason im asking is we actually have to pay to recycle and it's going to be trashed anyways... So figured if I could I would use as many parts as possible. (the mobo has physical dmg, the dvi port got caught on something and bent the vid card and broke the only pci-e slot on the mobo) already stripped ram, hard drive etc. Power supply im assuming is worthless for a new build as typically large manufacturers use the bare minimum. Thanks!
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  1. This is a benchmark of the i5 750 vs a very common CPU today, the i5 2500k:
    I say you keep it, it's a good chip and if it's gonna be trashed why not keep it.
  2. It is still a good CPU so a keeper.
  3. the i5 750 is a powerful cpu and you should be able to put a build around it for a nice gaming PC.

    Its more than powerful enough to use even in a high end gaming setup.
  4. Thanks for the reply's. So another question. I was planning on building a new pc when ivy bridge drops. If you were in this situation would you sell the i5 750 and go with ivy bridge. Or just stick with the one i have.

    My main uses are going to be running Knight Online. Multiple accounts at once so I need a fast proc, I will be hooking it up to my flat screen for a home theater system which from my understanding I can get by with just a mid range vid card. Thanks again for all the help!
  5. If you are planning Ivy anyway just sell it! If you were not planning Ivy build around it.
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