GTX 560 - MSI or ASUS or Galaxy

Hi, I am really confused with the three models.. MSI ASUS and Galaxy.

I am planning to go for GTX 560. But the price
1GB GTX 560 PCX-16X,D,DDR5

The price difference is as below.
MSI-Rs.10800; ASUS-Rs.14000; Galaxy-Rs.11020

So I am planning to go for MSI.

Is that a good deal and a good make?
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  1. I usually buy from eVGA but my next card will be MSI because of their superior cooling solutions. Look at reviews for each card and make your decision based on those.
  2. I am not sure which models those are. Some make many different models for certain chips. Warmacblu is correct if you can find reviews specific to the models you are considering.

    Also look at the clock frequencies for core/memory/shader. Sometimes one company gives you a better bang for your money which can help make up your mind to. Quality also should play a role to as Warmacblu stated about the cooling. In the past I have seen some lesser name brands offer some real bare minimums in fans and heatsinks. I am picky to so I would definitely stick between the more well known as in keeping it between MSI or ASUS.

    Also if you are purchasing from like say newegg (or even if you aren't maybe you can find the same models there) read the user reviews which can help. I tend to also read the bad ratings just to see if there is a common fault people are pointing out. I don't give reviews full weight though because some of the bad reviews are more because of a users lack of knowledge than the product itself. You have to read between the lines and decipher the information for yourself.

    I know none of the is a "yes or no" but that's hard to answer without specifics or links which even then would be opinions.
  3. First, I'd look at only the factory OC'd models as they are the same price as reference cards and have better cooling.

    When I bought my first one, the reviews all pointed to the Asus model as having the best cooling and highest OC's.....I have since installed 8 of them, all of which went over 1000MHz, 7 didn't require a voltage bump.
  4. I looked at your Newegg link, Jack and noticed 19% of the reviews were 1 star (19 out of 64 total).
    I looked at the EVGA Superclocked 560Ti and saw 6% 1 star reviews (11 of 193 total) and 3 of those was because they didn't like Newegg's packaging.
    I look at the good AND bad reviews.
    I'm an EVGA fan but just last week had to RMA a GTX 460 because of a problem. It ran fine when I installed it but oddly Win 7 wouldn't recognize it as new hardware nor did it show in the hardware list. I ran 1 pass of Unigine Heaven to bencmark it and it did no better than my EVGA GTX 460 SE and was running 72C after that 1 pass. Most I ever had from the 460 SE was 52C and that's clocked to 760/1520/1900. I tried reinstalling, using the previous drivers, the usual. I've had 5 other EVGA cards and they all still work just fine. I just figure I got one that 'missed the cut' somewhere.
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