Please help me find the correct motherboard

Hey, I have some trouble with my Pc and upgrading components. The thing is that I wanted to give it a boost from its old first generation i3 CPU to an i5 Sandy Bridge 2500k instead and I'm not really so experienced with hardware (did upgrade the same case with a GTX460 two years ago though).

I already bought the CPU and some cooling paste but then found out that my motherboard is not compatible due to the chip not fitting in the slot and then I looked up the "LGA 1155" part on the i5 box and felt stupid for trying this on my own without experience in it -_-'

So now I also need to find a new motherboard and my Pc freezes up no matter which hardware scanning software I run but I do think it's a 1156 socket one that I have now since I run an i3 and such. I read other posts on this kind of subject here and people also mentioned some other details on boards that I have no idea what means, all I want is a motherboard that is compatible with my old components and the new i5 CPU.

Also the size needs to fit in my old case. I read about micro-ATX and ATX sizes and got to the conclusion that ATX is the "normal" size? I guess that's what mine has >_>
To give an idea about the inside space I have just enough space for my GTX 460 card besides the fan, but I wouldn't be able to fit two video cards in there with this motherboard and case. I don't know if this helps in any way but looking up the serials on the board only brought up some German E-bay auctions with Acer motherboards from Foxconn - The Pc is an Acer but I don't really know if it can be trusted, also I didn't see any real details about the product.

I hope this is enough for someone to understand my situation. I thought it would be a simple replacing of the CPU but now I'm just happy if I can find a cheap motherboard that fits in my Pc without having to upgrade other components : /

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Sounds almost as though you have a Mini ITX board there... if you would, please post how many expansion slots your case has - not how many are used or could be used, just how many total (expansion slots are where you plugged in your GTX460). I know you said you couldn't fit another video card, I'm only curious about the slot count on the case. Or, if possible, give approx. dimensions of your current motherboard - we'll get you on the right motherboard.
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