HIS H695FN2G2M Radeon HD 6950 flashing bios?

hey guys ive been looking around and i found out my card cannot be flash and that there is no dual-bios switch,but
has anyone had any luck unlocking shaders that it does have or i read something about mod bios?
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  1. Hi r0b3412,

    That model is a non-reference design and cannot be unlocked.
  2. i was able to flash modded bios but now i want to go back to original,when i try i just get a loading screen that dissapears you have any clue how to get around that? it flashed first tiem,but wont go back to original now :/
  3. what program are you using to flash?

    Did you make a copy of your original BIOS?

    If you flashed modded BIOS, why do you want to go back?
  4. i have the original bios, i am using atiwinflash and i want to go back because its running a little hotter than normal and id like to keep original bios just in case i have to rma it one day.
  5. So, in ATIwinflash, you load the backup bios copy right, Then click Program?

    Is that when you get a loading screen that disappears?

    Are you running ATIwinflash as an administrator?
  6. I run It through dos as admin.
    I do same way I loaded modded but instead I do


    Atiwinflash -unlockrom 0
    Ariel flash -f -p 0 original.bin

    Both times I do tha command I get a loading bar and half way it just closes No errors
  7. You can run ATIwinflash in windows. It doesn't have to be in DOS.

    Run the application as an admin, click load image and choose your backup BIOS, then click the "Program button"
  8. Says cannot erase rom. I think I might try hard mod?
  9. If it says you can't erase ROM, how did you flash in the first place?

    It worked from DOS?
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