Best 850w PSU for as close to $100 as possible?

I need an 850 watt PSU, but my dad is buying it for me and I want it to be cheap as possible, but obviously I need it to be good enough to run. I'm running SLI GTX 570s, and my budget is around 120. I can go a little over but not to much. Also, i5 2500k, 2 cathodes, 1 HDD, 10 case fans.
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  1. ^yeah that xfx unit is great(it's a rebranded seasonic unit) but here's another great unit for $110-
    it has a few more advantages over xfx,it is modular and has other few's a good review-
  2. buy a lower watt higher quality would be better than higher watts.

    you don't need 850w for that, could do with a good quality 650w.
    this will power 2 570s and a 2500k no problem.
    750w will be much more than you need.
  3. now i agree-
    a 750w can run 570 SLi :P
    rosewill capstone is a rebranded superflower's a great and power unit.moreover my buddy runs 2500k,7950 CF on it :P
    it's a good deal for $110 ;)
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