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Hello, First off thanks to ICECLOCK for helping me with this build.
I recently purchased Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0 Motherboard and FX 8350 CPU to go along with amd hd 7970.
I have DDR3 1600 in my other pc and was wondering if the diffrence between 1600MHZ and 1866mhz ram is significant enough to purchase 1866mhz this time around. I only use my system to game, so any performance boost would be nice. If so any advice would be well appriciated.
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  1. Well if you like to benchmark and "show off", then no, you won't notice the milliseconds difference, maybe you get 1-2fps increase
  2. So i've noticed every AAA game pretty much requires 4GB of ram to play so hows this look to go with i have upabove 8gb seems to be all i would need anymore is a waste of money
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