Onboard or Gfx card HDMI out WITH sound?


I am looking to build a media PC for storage, and thought it might be a good idea to put it next to all of my home theatre stuff and hook it up so I can play all of my legally downloaded movies. My receiver has an empty HDMI input, but as far as I can tell I can't couple an external sound source with that HDMI input. It expects there to be sound information passed through that HDMI port.

So, I was looking at motherboards and such, and I don't really see anything that will directly state whether or not the HDMI output includes sound information. I would prefer an onboard solution, but will consider a card if necessary. The onboard solution is just to minimize the fan noise by adding another device that requires active cooling.

Thank you for your help!

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  1. Hello... yes I've read there are still proprietary and compatability issures with HDMI sound/video pass thru to recievers... also depends on what BIT level, software used, and hardware... That is why you are not seeing any direct statements of compatability... thats why there is a trade mark sign after every time the word "HDMI" is used... royalties are being paid and charged... But do a Wikipedia search of HDMI, there are different versions and applications, and software, DVD's and hardware must be licenced to pass that sound information, thru the HDMI cable to your reciever.

    I have not investigated solutions/applications for months, But you need to do further forum/site seaches, to see Who and what has true compatability and success.
  2. ASRock Z68 EXTREME4 GEN3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard $189.99



    If you look at the i/o pannel at the rear of this motherboard you will see a DVI , HDME,D-SUB and DISPLAY PORT. It would seen to me that including the HDMI port means that sound is included with the video from the onboard video chip. I have included the Motherboard home page which has more info on the board so you can determinr if this is the board for your needs. You did not state a budget amouint so I don't know if this is within your range.
  3. The owners manual for the reciever should have a diagram of all the available connections that can be made with HDMI , and DVI and sound options , you should be able to connect a HDMI and a sound cable from the same source. But that is only if the MB I listed doesn't work for you.
  4. So what you guys are saying is that ALL HDMI outputs from a motherboard should include sound? The issue is just a compatibility thing? My receiver was touted for it's compatibility with devices. But for example I have tried my HDMI attached to my gfx card inside of my tower, the picture is awesome, but the sound isn't included on the output as far as i can tell.
  5. Hello... Well depends... could be "Not HDMI version" compatability... cable version, or still a software setting or upgrade needed... What is the reciever model/brand you are using? Also depending on the model/brand of you video card, you my need a wired connector from motherboard to video card.

    Check this HDMI basic information article out.


    HDMI is still ever changing with protocols/information being sent/recieved... So just because it says HDMI it still needs to be Licenced and Hardware/Software enabled by that MFG'r... especially HDCP.
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