Release of Ivy Bridge reduce i5 price?

I'm going to be upgrading my CPU soon, and wondering if the release of Ivy Bridge at the end of this month would reduce the price of the Sandybridge i5 cpus?
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  1. unlikely. Intel is in a position where they dont even need to release a new chip to compete, as there is no competition. the I5 2500k price has remained solid for over a full year.
  2. Nope. If it is lowered it will be slightly or in bundles with other hardware. Cheapest so far is microcenter:

    which is as cheap as I think it will ever get.
  3. intel doesn't lower prices.
  4. esrever said:
    intel doesn't lower prices.

    you meant to say "intel doesn't NEED to lower prices". They aren't the bad guy, they just have no real competition.
  5. ^^ true
  6. The kind of good news is that Intel isn't raising prices as much as it could probably get away with.
  7. So I might aswell buy my i5 now, instead of wait for the ivy bridge release - unless ivy bridge is similar price of course!
  8. Can you wait two weeks and 3 days to confirm the prices?
    You might end up wanting to slip right into an Ivy Bridge and Z77 motherboard.
  9. ivy bridge is rumoured to be the same price as list (not sale) sandy prices, so the prices that you saw 6 months ago. the 2500K has been dropping through spot sales recently.
  10. At this point, if you can wait, wait for Ivy Bridge.

    If you really need a system right now, buy SB.

    Although IB should be a little faster, I think the greatest benefit of the IB motherboards will be the native USB3 support.
  11. Intel rarely drops prices, maybe $10, then it will go back up as it's discontinued.
  12. Looking at past history we don't drop prices when we release a new generation of Intel® processors. The demand for the Intel® Core™ i5-2500K has been extremely high (it is our best selling processor in the enthusiast space) so I would think there would be little reason to drop any prices for these prices. Once a processor has been discontinued we have no say over its pricing since we stop selling them at that point. So if you can wait a while you can pick up one of the 3rd generation Intel Core processors otherwise you are going to get as good of a deal as you can on the 2nd generation Intel Core processors right now.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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