GTX 590 Monitor advice?

Hello everybody, been using this website for some time now, my favorite tech forum by far!

Anywho, to the point. I have a GTX 590 on the way and am in need of a monitor upgrade as my current 22" asus doesn't support 1080p. Now, i'm open to suggestions on any monitor BUT.. I was looking at these two inparticular. The only real difference that I can tell is one is 24" with no displayport option, and the other is 25" with displayport option. I know the GTX 590 has a mini-displayport connector on it, so I was leaning towards the 25" because of that.

I just want a really good monitor with the best current technology that will last several years, and I guess that's why the displayport connectivity interested me.

What do you guys think? Here are the monitor links.

If it matters.. my system specs are as follows:
i7 2600k CPU
8GB DDR3 1866mhz g.skill ram
GTX 590 (soon to be)
Asus p67 Sabertooth MB
120GB Sata 3 Corsair SSD
850w HX series Corsair PSU
Antec 900 Case

Thanks a lot guys.
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  1. I would suggest going for a 3D monitor but they are rather expensive.

    Both those monitors appear to have the same specs only difference is one is an inch bigger as you probably already know.
  2. If you want the best gaming monitor then I would get a 120hz (aka 3D) monitor. In a few weeks Asus will be releasing their new 27" 2ms 120hz monitor with the new 3D Vision 2 kit bundled, so if you want the absolute latest and greatest go for that - I'm waiting to get it myself! It's a bit pricey at $699 MSRP but hopefully it will be around $650 when released.
  3. Yeah that is a bit out of my price range :), as i've already spent a butt load on the rest of the hardware. Any suggestions on monitors between the $2-300 range? My main question was still unanswered, will the displayport on the 25" make a difference?
  4. Not sure about the displayport question, but for $200-300 either of those monitors you linked are great choices.
  5. No,not really.

    I would just go with the 24".I don't think the extra $50 is worth it for a tiny bit larger screen and a display port.
  6. 3d monitor tech is still changing (look up nVidia's 3d vision 2).

    Just get a really good 2d monitor. If you want the best, get IPS. All the response time stats you see listed on TN panels are very "optimistic." Try a dell u2412hm, an hp zr2440w, or a samsung 850 series pls.
  7. You're not really using the GTX 590 to its potential if you're only considering options of 1920x1080 @ 60Hz.

    Even if you don't use the 3D, 120Hz screen is a good option for gaming and it will give the GTX 590 a chance to flex its muscles.

    Or run a larger resolution @ 60Hz , be it a display group of 3x1920x1080, or a single 2560x1600.

    My prefered option would be a single IPS 2560x1600, but the price is more than a GTX 590.
  8. Do you plan to use the Display port? I know that with my 590, it did not come with a display port cord, so if your doesn't have this then that is another expense. $50 for an inch and speakers isn't really worth it (i'm guessing that you have real speakers to use and don't need built in).

    So it is just a matter of, is $50 worth that extra inch? Personally i think that you will be happy with the quality of either monitor.
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