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Hello every, I have a question that may sound really dumb to ask but I was wondering if my geforce 6200 turbocache video card (I know it's old) would work in a PCIe x16 slot. On my older PC (An Acer aspire) It had an orange slot for the video card, the one on the new board has a blue slot.

I had ordered some parts from NCIX and they just arrived a few hours ago and I put them together. I'm on a real tight budget to the only things I bought were an AMD Phenom ii X2 555 BE cpu, one 2 gig stick of ddr3 ram and an MSI 870 G45 mother board. I'm using everything else from my old pc like my keyboard/ mouse, hard drive and a 400w power supply and hopefully my video card.

I put all of the new and old parts together, the video card fit in place perfectly but my computer wouldn't boot up, it has power but it turns out that I need to have at least two of the four slots of ram filled for it to boot. So while I wait for another stick to be delivered I was wondering if I would have to buy another video card too. I was told that even though the card fits in the slot, that it wouldn't work (By someone who considers himself a computer guru). I know more about software then I do about hardware unfortunatly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. The color of the slot tells us nothing, the type is important your old card can be either AGP or PCIe X16 which are two different slots!
    If the card Physically fits the slot then it is PCIe and should work fine!
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