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Probably a dumb question... How do I install my graphics card?

I have an I5-2500K processor with the Z68 pro3-M mobo from Asrock.

Im using the HD onboard graphics right now... so I was wondering if theres any special procedure I need to do or anything I need to uninstall before putting in my new card (EVGA classified 560TI 448)

Do I just install the card, flip on my machine and go download the latest drivers?

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  1. Nope, it's that simple. Just plug it in, flip on the comp, and install drivers =)
  2. Get it in the slot, just hard enough that the little plastic tab clicks in, and get the power cables in. Make sure the monitor's plugged into the card and not the mobo.
  3. yeah thats what else i wondered, my motherboards hdmi port will now be useless?

    so the card should work enough without the drivers initially to give me a picture through hdmi? im just glad i dont have to mess with any bios settings lol... im a noob
  4. Yep. It'll be disabled.
    You may have weird resolution issues until you get the drivers installed (I did), but that's normal and you shouldn't have any problem seeing enough to get the drivers. Do that basically first.
  5. Your Windows should show a pop-up that new hardware is discovered. Go to and install the latest video drivers. If Windows doesn't say new hardware discovered, reboot.
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    1. Turn off machine after d/l'ing newest drivers
    2. Install card in slot
    3. Connect the two 6-pin power cables (might wanna have some zip ties handy)
    4. Close up box
    5. Boot
    6. When windows finds new hardware do a Nancy Regan and "Just Say No".
    7. Install the drivers that you saved in Step 1

    The latest beta is 290.53......latest WHQL certified is 285.62

    I'd try the Beta 1st....fall back to the WHQL if ya have problemos
  7. thanks guys, im a little more confident in doing this now.
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