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Power Supply needed - AOpen D37 Plus-U (Fortress 7700)

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April 11, 2012 9:59:30 PM

Hi All,

I need a power supply for this board, please see link for picture

It has a 20 pin standard connector, and a straight 6 pin connector (for SCSI? - if it is then I don't need it).

I tried a standard ATX power supply and no joy...

Manual states it needs and SSI EEB power supply - but these normally have an 8 pin for dual processors - there are no other power connectors on this board (20 pin + 6 pin presumed SCSI).

Board spec :

Dual Pentium 3 Tualatin
AGP Pro graphics

(I would like to avoid the "might as well get a cheap sandy bridge board and upgrade" comments - I have a socket 2011 on the way with GTX 680 - this is just a vintage computing project I would like to finish and use it for coding)

NOTE : Found during research
April 12, 2012 8:37:02 PM

I don't know :/ 

One other thought. When I connected a 20 pin power supply the mobo lit up, and the RAM (Crucial Tracer) but when I hit power the CPU fans spun for 1/10th second then wen't off. Then the process would not repeat.

Could it be becuase I am using Non-ECC RAM when the board (according to Crucial) needs ECC (unbuffered - which is rare) ?
a b ) Power supply
April 12, 2012 10:43:28 PM

i can't find any specs/info on your machine...or mobo. can you help me?
usually server systems use ECC ram while some workstation baords can use either non-ECC or ECC dimms. please replace the dimms and see if it powers up. But you'll need to connect all power connections and then fire it up.
April 13, 2012 5:50:33 PM

The board is an A Open D37 Plus-U, used in a system called a Fortress 7700. Very strange board and the only one I could find with dual tualatin, DDR and AGP Pro (x4). Uses the Via Pro266 chipset (effectively the same as a QDI Advance 12T). The crucial tool finds it (classed as a server solution) :