Power Supply needed - AOpen D37 Plus-U (Fortress 7700)

Hi All,

I need a power supply for this board, please see link for picture www.mediafire.com/?mbqetwy4qcax7i8

It has a 20 pin standard connector, and a straight 6 pin connector (for SCSI? - if it is then I don't need it).

I tried a standard ATX power supply and no joy...

Manual states it needs and SSI EEB power supply - but these normally have an 8 pin for dual processors - there are no other power connectors on this board (20 pin + 6 pin presumed SCSI).

Board spec :

Dual Pentium 3 Tualatin
AGP Pro graphics

(I would like to avoid the "might as well get a cheap sandy bridge board and upgrade" comments - I have a socket 2011 on the way with GTX 680 - this is just a vintage computing project I would like to finish and use it for coding)

NOTE : Found during research www.zittware.com/pc133sdram/info/atx2eps.html
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  1. I don't know :/

    One other thought. When I connected a 20 pin power supply the mobo lit up, and the RAM (Crucial Tracer) but when I hit power the CPU fans spun for 1/10th second then wen't off. Then the process would not repeat.

    Could it be becuase I am using Non-ECC RAM when the board (according to Crucial) needs ECC (unbuffered - which is rare) ?
  2. i can't find any specs/info on your machine...or mobo. can you help me?
    usually server systems use ECC ram while some workstation baords can use either non-ECC or ECC dimms. please replace the dimms and see if it powers up. But you'll need to connect all power connections and then fire it up.
  3. The board is an A Open D37 Plus-U, used in a system called a Fortress 7700. Very strange board and the only one I could find with dual tualatin, DDR and AGP Pro (x4). Uses the Via Pro266 chipset (effectively the same as a QDI Advance 12T). The crucial tool finds it (classed as a server solution) :

  4. yeah but i can't seem to find it anywhere via Google nor on image search. I searched via the thread title you posted - no go.

    Edit: will this help?

    just had to be creative to find this via Google

    i suppose its the same thing - which is the same unit used on mac's
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