Corsair HX620W power supply and Radeon HD 7850 or Geforce GTX 560 ti

Hello, I'm thinking about upgrading my graphics card for the imminent release of Diablo 3 and was wondering: will my Corsair HX620W power supply, now aged about 4 years, will have enough juice to power either a Radeon HD 7850 or a Geforce GTX 560 ti?
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    the 7850 is no problem and the 560 ti shouldn't be a problem either.

    the 7850 is extremely power efficient using no more than 120w loaded. the 560 ti uses about 190w loaded.

    both should be well below what your psu can output even after 4 years as the hx620 is a pretty high quality psu.
  2. It is a quality PSU and should be fine for either card!
  3. One of the moderators ( mousemonkey ) uses his 5+ year old HX620 to power a pair of GTX560 Ti's.
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  5. Thanks folks, I can rest easy with my purchase!
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