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New Samsung monitor has high-pitch noises

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
April 3, 2003 8:21:23 PM

I live in a very poor and crappy electrical neighborhood, though I have a high quality APC UPS.

I have a Samsung 753DF 17" Flat, been with me for about 6 months or less. I thought the UPS would regulate the current, but it seems this monitor also occasionally likes to do high-pitch noises. They are temporary though. I am just concerned though that I will again find myself with electrical problems wearing the monitor out.

Any ideas?

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April 3, 2003 8:53:07 PM

Monitors should never make hight pitched noises... this isn't a good thing. If you put your ear to the side of the monitor you can sometimes hear a soft buzzing sound, which is the vertical deflection running, but that's about all you should hear.

You say the monitor is 6 months old... send it back and get another. The warranty should cover it.

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April 4, 2003 2:40:39 AM

No I don't hear the buzzing sound.

What does it mean when the high-pitched noise occurs? (it also isn't very loud, we're talking smooth though my sensitive ears pick it up)

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April 4, 2003 2:23:45 PM

A high pitched squeal usually indicates either a bad connection or a failing part inside the monitor.

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April 4, 2003 5:21:25 PM

Agree monitors should be seen and not heard. Suggest you return it under waranty.

A high pitched whine is not necessarily an indication that the monitor is dying. There are a number of things that can cause a whiny high-pitched sound. It is almost always due to vibration of a component in the horizontal circuits, most often the flyback transformer or horizontal output transformer. This is why a good wack to the side sometimes temporarily fixes the problem. It will not get better over time only worse.

A service technician should be able to find the offending component and either replace it, remount it, or add some material which will stop the vibration. It may also stop if you simply run the monitor at a different resolution or refresh rate

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April 5, 2003 1:23:00 AM

Yes I wanted to share this, that switching res to 800*600 from the 1024*768*85, stopped the sound, until I reverted back. It then of course went away in a few.

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April 5, 2003 4:39:46 AM

The thing is that doesn't solve the problem, it merely makes it inaudible.

You should have that monitor checked or replaced... unless you want to risk a complete failure.

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April 5, 2003 9:52:37 PM

What I'm likely to do as well, is to check the room's electrical output, and ask my uncle who knows a bit about this, how to verify some things. I am certain this room has electrical problems and perhaps it could screw any new monitor that I put here.

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April 7, 2003 4:14:48 AM

I often hear highpitched sounds from tvs and monitors. I can walk into an electronics store and get a headache from it. I have no idea what causes it I just thought everyone else heard them too. my kds monitor doesn't make the sounds but some of my old ones do and every tv I have ever seen makes them. I can also hear dog whistles tho so maybe my hearing is just way too sensitive.

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April 7, 2003 2:51:51 PM

What you are probably hearing is the horizontal scan frequency which is usually just above the range of average human hearing on a television and well above it on most monitors.

I get the same thing from the ultrasonic burglar alarms used in some banks and malls. There is one store I have a machine in where their alarm gives me an instant headache every time I go there...

Thank goodness for earplugs :smile:

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April 8, 2003 1:56:46 AM

Yes, I also get that too sometimes. I'm like: AHH, this noise! Ain't anybody hearing this?

And they all look at me like I'm some guy mutating!
I guess I do have sensitive hearing, however I am not mistaken on this one, it is indeed audible to anyone, my bro confirmed this. I find it plain weird I'm already getting problems, it's just annoying that every monitor I ever had ended with problems. I'm just wondering if it ain't the electrical output quality in this room than just the monitors, I mean, I can't continuously replace them or RMA them like this, ya know?

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April 15, 2003 2:08:23 AM

My old 14" TTX does the same thing, but only when going to it's max res/refresh settings (1024x768x60). It's normally overshadowed by the sound of the nine fans in my computer case, though.

I'm lucky, I have the opposite problem from most of you. I can pick up low frequencies much better than most people, but my highs are just average.

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August 23, 2009 8:54:16 AM

the noise could be coming from the video card. I had the same problem, when ichanged the refresh rate the sound went away.
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February 23, 2010 4:38:29 AM

I found the problem. There must be something not connected correctly internally, so I wedged a sharpie marker in between the monitor plug and the back of the unit - so that the plug will put pressure on the internal connections - and the buzzing stopped. You can test it out for yourself by wiggling the connection cord. Terrible. I should have bought the Dell.