Graphics card is sucking too much energy????

Hi Everyone, thanks for reading and hopefully someone has an idea why it isn't working.

When I attach it to my motherboard it wont turn on. I had contacted support for the motherboard assuming that was the problem, but the specialist at ASUS said that the graphics card is trying to take more energy then it needs and that is why the motherboard isn't turning on...? I attempted to contact AMD, but they are closed for the day and I was really hoping I would have this up and running tonight.

Motherboard: Asus p8z68 Deluxe
Graphics card: Radeon hd 6950 2gb
PSU: Kingwin Lazer 850W

If you have any idea how I could fix this please post.

If you need more information about my setup please just ask.
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  1. Did you connect the extra 6(or 8) pin power connectors to your card?
  2. So without the GPU installed the PC turns on and functions correctly, yes? And when you attempt to boot with the graphics card installed nothing happens-is that correct?
  3. I doubt the 6950 is drawing too much power unless the PSU is defective. Have you attached any supplemental 12v cables required for the mobo and Video card. This is a frequent oversight that will prevent the system from booting. The checklist in the first link should help you resolve the issue.
  4. I assume you connected the PCI power cable from the psu to the card, correct?
  5. @buzznut
    Yea. It boots without it connected, but when it is connected it doesn't turn on.

  6. If that is the case, then I would double check to ensure the card is fully seated in the correct slot. Motherboard are particular about which pci express slot you use, check your mobo manual.

    Then check to ensure you are using the correct PCI express power connector, and that it is seated completely. I believe you could have some connection issues.
  7. when the gpu is connected, The PC won't boot at all. No beeps. No screen flicker? dead as a door knob?

    +1 to the connection issues.
  8. Yup, Dead as a door knob.
  9. @beenthere

    tried it all no luck >.<
  10. Seems like you have done all the simple stuff. Do you have an old graphics card, you could test in the mobo?

    Also did you make sure to put the card in the correct pci slot as suggested by buzznut.
  11. I made sure it was in the right PCI slot. I tried both to be sure.
    I do not have another graphics card to test it sadly.
  12. If you are certain that you've done everything correctly and it is a new card, then I would start the rma process ASAP. Some manufacturers want a return within two weeks, also ensure that you have first filled out any warranty registration.
  13. Well... If it is an RMA then apparently UPS decided to break everything... this will be the 3rd item in one box that is broken... first my PSU then my Motherboard(fried so i guess it wasn't UPS there) and now the graphics card >.< how fun.
  14. ^^^ Not likely...
  15. Exactly.... It is very unlikely, but apparently it has to happen to me.

    Thanks for all of the help everyone even though it didn't seem to work. >.<
    I will try and contact whoever to see if it is just defective (3rd part so far.... yay....).
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